Comparable to lulus. I love these and will be buying more!

I don’t say this lightly.. but I would say these are comparable to lulu’s. Which is shocking to me bcuz I used to work there and swear by lulu leggings. But, bcuz I used to work there, I have the hardest time paying for the clothes full price 😅 so I went searching. I’ve tried SO MANY DIFFERENT LEGGINGS. How can something so affordable actually be good?? But somehow.. it is. They arrived minutes before I went on a quick 5k run so I quickly put them on.. and promptly fell in love. They’re buttery soft. They STAYED UP. I’m actually so shocked so I had to write this review. I will be buying more in other colours (for reference, I wear a size 4 in lulus or size 6 when pregnant, and ordered a size M of these guys and it fits perfectly).